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Proteomic evaluation of sheep serum proteins
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VeterinariaBackground:The applications of proteomic strategies to ovine medicine remain limited. The definition of serum proteome may be a good tool to identify useful protein biomarkers for recognising subclinical conditions and overt disease in sheep. Findin ... ...
Evaluating observer agreement of scoring systems for foot integrity and footrot lesions in sheep
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VeterinariaBackground:A scoring scale with five ordinal categories is used for visual diagnosis of footrot in sheep and to study its epidemiology and control. More recently a 4 point ordinal scale has been used by researchers to score foot integrity (wall and ... ...
Increased hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha expression in lung cells of horses with recurrent airway obstruction
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VeterinariaBackground:Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO, also known as equine heaves) is an inflammatory condition caused by exposure of susceptible horses to organic dusts in hay. The immunological processes responsible for the development and the persistence ... ...
Effect of adjuvants on the humoral immune response to congopain in mice and cattle
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VeterinariaBackground:We investigated several adjuvants for their effects on the humoral immune response in both mice and cattle using the central domain of congopain (C2), the major cysteine protease of Trypanosoma congolense, as a model for developing a vacc ... ...
Vaccination against Feline Panleukopenia: implications from a field study in kittens
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VeterinariaBackground:Feline Panleukopenia (FPL) is a serious disease of cats that can be prevented by vaccination. Kittens are routinely vaccinated repeatedly during their first months of life. By this time maternally derived antibodies (MDA) can interfere wi ... ...
Clinical, haematological and biochemical responsesof sheep undergoing autologous blood transfusion
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VeterinariaBackground:This study aimed to evaluate the clinical, haematological and biochemical responses toautologous blood transfusion and the feasibility of this practice in sheep. Thus, we used eightmale, 8 months old sheep, weighing on average 30 kg, from ... ...
Periodontal biomechanics: finite element simulationsof closing stroke and power stroke in equine cheekteeth
Scritto da BMC Veterinary Research   
VeterinariaBackground:In equine dentistry periodontal diseases, especially periapical inflammation, are frequentlyoccurring problems. Anachoresis is believed to be the most common cause for thedevelopment of such disorders. Nevertheless, there is still no subs ... ...
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