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Riduzione lussazione anca e frattura sinfisi mandibola cane


Using Mastitis Records and Somatic Cell Count Data
Scritto da Veterinary Clinics   
VeterinariaMastitis is an infection of the udder that can either be clinical or subclinical in presentation. Although new diagnostic tests such as in-line milk sensors have been developed to improve the detection of clinical mastitis (CM), diagnosis by means of ... ...
The Role of Communication in Improving Udder Health
Scritto da Veterinary Clinics   
VeterinariaThis article aims to help understanding dairy farmers' behavior and mindset regarding udder health management and to describe the efficacy of various communication strategies. Our findings are based on experience gained during the execution of a nat ... ...
Exploring flubendazole formulations for use in sheep. Pharmacokinetic evaluation of a cyclodextrin-based solution
Scritto da BMC Veterinary Research   
VeterinariaBackground:Flubendazole (FLBZ) is a poor water solubility broad-spectrum BZD methylcarbamate. Anthelmintic compounds cyclodextrins (CDs) are usually used to increase aqueous solubility of poor hydrosoluble compounds. The comparative in vitro aqueous ... ...
Is there adaptation of the exocrine pancreas in wild animal The case of the Roe Deer
Scritto da BMC Veterinary Research   
VeterinariaBackground:Physiology of the exocrine pancreas has been well studied in domestic and in laboratory animals as well as in humans. However, it remains quite unknown in wildlife mammals. Roe deer and cattle (including calf) belong to different families ... ...
Survey of co-infection by Salmonella and oxyurids in tortoises
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VeterinariaBackground:Salmonella spp. and oxyurids are among the most prevalent bacterial and parasitic agents in reptiles. These organisms are routinely isolated in healthy tortoises, although heavy infections may cause significant pathology. Tortoises are co ... ...
Assessment of the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of an indirect ELISA kit for the diagnosis of Brucella ovis infection in rams
Scritto da BMC Veterinary Research   
VeterinariaBackground:Brucella ovis causes an infectious disease responsible for infertility and subsequent economic losses in sheep production. The standard serological test to detect B. ovis infection in rams is the complement fixation test (CFT), which has ... ...
Evaluation of expression and function of vascularendothelial growth factor receptor 2, platelet derived growth factor receptors-alpha and -beta, KIT, and RET in canine apocrine gland anal sac adenocar
Scritto da BMC Veterinary Research   
VeterinariaBackground:Toceranib phosphate (Palladia) has a reported objective response rate of 25% in both canine apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinoma (AGASACA) and thyroid carcinoma (TC), with stable disease occurring in an additional 50-60% of dogs. The ba ... ...
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