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Mycoplasma Mastitis: Causes, Transmission, and Control
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VeterinariaThe first reported case of Mycoplasma mastitis was that of Hale and coworkers. This Connecticut research group described the difficulties in isolating the pathogen that infected approximately 30% of a dairy herd. They had success when they allowed in ... ...
The Other Gram-Negative Bacteria in Mastitis: Klebsiella, Serratia, and More
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VeterinariaGram-negative bacteria are an important cause of bovine mastitis throughout the world. With the advance of our understanding of the main risk factors for classic contagious bacteria such Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphylococcus aureus, we have obs ... ...
Vaccination Strategies for Mastitis
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VeterinariaPrevention of exposure is the foundation of infectious disease control programs, including mastitis. The tenets of mastitis prevention are maintaining cows in a clean, dry, comfortable environment and ensuring that recommended milking practices are c ... ...
Treatment of Clinical Mastitis
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VeterinariaClinical mastitis cases should be managed rather than simply treated. Many cases of clinical mastitis do not require any treatment. In this day and age of possible excessive antibiotic use, antibiotic resistance, and increased testing for drug residu ... ...
Assessment and Management of Pain in Dairy Cows with Clinical Mastitis
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VeterinariaDespite the widespread implementation of mastitis control programs, clinical mastitis is a commonly occurring, and economically important, disease for the worldwide dairy industry. In recent years, there has been a general decline in the incidence of ... ...
The Role of the Milking Machine in Mastitis Control
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VeterinariaThe contribution of mechanical milking to mastitis incidence is often misunderstood. Machine-related effects usually are smaller and less important than the effects of milking management, herd management, and cow or teat characteristics in most herds ... ...
Stray Voltage and Milk Quality: A Review
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VeterinariaThe term ?stray voltage? describes a special case of voltage developed on the grounded neutral system of a farm and is defined as less than 10 V measured between 2 points that can be contacted simultaneously by an animal. Some level of voltage betwee ... ...
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