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Well: Little Difference Seen in Asthma Strategies
Scritto da New York Times: Nutrition   
Scienza-dell-alimentazioneThere has been no general agreement on the best way to adjust the dosage of inhaled corticosteroids used by adults with asthma.

Really : The Claim: Adding Milk to Tea Destroys its Antioxidants
Scritto da New York Times: Nutrition   
Scienza-dell-alimentazioneResearchers have been surprised to find that adding milk may strip tea of some of its beneficial effects.

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Well: Expanding Ball Toy Poses Hazard to Children and Pets
Scritto da New York Times: Nutrition   
Scienza-dell-alimentazionePopular toys called Water Balz expand greatly in size when exposed to liquid, posing a hazard to pets and small children who may swallow them when they are the size of marbles, pediatricians warn.
Scritto da New York Times: Nutrition   
Scienza-dell-alimentazioneThe patient had died months before. Now his widow, along with the children, wanted to meet with me, the doctor who had treated him. ... ...
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