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Researchers Find Air Pollution Linked To Progression Of Atherosclerosis
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CardiologiaResearchers at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC), in collaboration with international partners in Spain and Switzerland and colleagues in California, have found that exposure to air pollution accelerates the thickening of artery walls that leads to cardiovascular disease...
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0 #1 Sergio 2010-02-15 16:11
Mi sembra opportuno riportare un mio commento che la FAC (fed.Arg. di Cardiologia) ha messo in rete il 14 febbraio 2010: "Dear Friends,

in my opinion, considering the CAD (more exactly speaking, CVD) Inherited Real Risk, the time has come to speak of CVD Primary Prevention WITHOUT lipid lowering drugs, to be used, when necessary, in absence of CoQ10 Deficiency Syndrome, I described in earlier papers. See Practical Applications, and Biglioraphy in my website. In addition, dislipidemic patients, who aren't involved by such as risks, do not need at all of statines, because without Inherited Real Risk of every disorder evironmental risk factors (300 for ATS!) are innocent bystanders!: Sergio Stagnaro. Without CAD Inherited Real Risk, All Environmental Risk Factors of CAD are innocent Bystanders. Canadian Medical Association Journal. CMAJ, 14 Dec 2009,

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