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FTIR and SEM analysis of CO2 laser irradiated human enamel
Scritto da Archives of Oral Biology   
Chirurgia oraleAbstract: Objectives: Considering the enamel chemical structure, especially carbonate band, which has a major role in the caries prevention, the objective of the present study was to assess the chemical alterations on the enamel irradiated with CO2 laser by means of FTIR spectroscopy and SEM analysis.Design: The enamel surfaces were analysed on a spectrometer for acquisition of the absorption spectrum relative to the chemical composition of the control sample. The irradiation was conducted with a 10.6-?m CO2 laser (0.55W, 660W/cm2). The carbonate absorption band at 1600?1291cm?1 as well as the water absorption band at 3793?2652cm?1 was measured in each sample after the irradiation. The water band was measured again 24-h after the irradiation. The band area of each chemical compound was delimited, the background was subtracted, and the area under each band was integrated. Each area was normalized by the phosphate band (1190?702cm).Results: There was a statistically significant decrease (p Fonte: Archives of Oral Biology

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