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Terapia endoscopica dell'ulcera gastrica sanguinante

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Effetti di ripetuti screening endoscopici sull’incidenza e sul trattamento del cancro gastrico
Scritto da European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology   

bjectives: Early gastric cancer (EGC) can be treated by minimally invasive endoscopic resection and has an excellent prognosis. The aim of this study was to investigate whether repeated esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) screening is an effective method for detecting EGC that can be treated by endoscopic resection.
Methods: For patients diagnosed with gastric cancer in the Korean National Cancer Center screening program, we analyzed the incidence of gastric cancer, clinicopathological characteristics, and treatment modality according to whether they had (repeated screening group) or not (infrequent screening group) undergone EGD screening within 2 years before diagnosis.
Results: Of the 18 414 patients who underwent EGD, 81 (0.44%) were found to have gastric cancer. Incidence of gastric cancer in repeated screening group was lower than that of infrequent screening group (multiple adjusted odds ratio=0.45, 95% confidence interval: 0.26-0.77, P=0.004). The proportion of EGCs was 96% (25 of 26) n the repeated screening group and 71% (34 of 48) in the infrequent screening group (P=0.01). Mean (SD) tumor size was smaller [1.9 (1.2) vs. 3.0 (1.6) cm, P=0.01] and the proportion of intramucosal cancer was higher [81% (21 of 26) vs. 50% (24 of 48), P=0.02] in the former than in the latter. Endoscopic resection was performed more frequently in the repeated screening group [54% (14 of 26) vs. 23% (11 of 48), P=0.007].
Conclusion: Repeated endoscopic screening within 2 years decreased the incidence of gastric cancer and endoscopic resection could be applied to more patients who underwent EGD screening within 2 years.

European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 2009, vol. 21, n. 8, pp. 855-860



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Ecco il testo della mail inviata all\'Editorial Board della Rivista:
Veritas Filia Temporis (A Gello. II Centrury. a. C)

Dear Colleagues,
Editorial Board Europ. Journ of Gastr & Hepatol. LWW,

as regards the paper, in Journal current issue, Effect of repeated endoscopic screening on the incidence and treatment of gastric cancer in health screenees. Nam, Su Youn et al., I realize surprisingly that neither you, nor the Authors, know that Onological Terrain-Dependent Inherited Real Risk also of gastric cancer exists!

In a few words, I agree with the Authors, saying that \"Early gastric cancer (EGC) can be treated by minimally invasive endoscopic resection and has an excellent prognosis\".
However, to recognize all EAERLY gastric cancer we have to know and bedside recognize Onological Terrain-Dependent Inherited Real Risk of gastric cancer.

Certainly, such as knowledge may spread among doctors all around the world, exclusively if physicians, Editors ... and Reviewers..., could be free of thinking and acting.

See, for instance:
1) Stagnaro Sergio, Stagnaro-Neri Marina. Introduzione alla Semeiotica Biofisica. Il Terreno oncologico”. Travel Factory SRL., Roma, 2004.
2) Stagnaro S., Stagnaro-Neri M., Le Costituzioni Semeiotico-Biofisiche.Strumento clinico fondamentale per la prevenzione primaria e la definizione della Single Patient Based Medicine. Ediz. Travel Factory, Roma, 2004.
3) Stagnaro Sergio. Bed-Side Prostate Cancer Detecting, even in early stages (“Real Risk” of Cancer): BMC Family Practice, 6:24 doi:10.1186/1471-2296-6-24

4) Sergio Stagnaro Mitochondrial Bed-Side Evaluation: a new Way in the War against Cancer (21 December 2005). Cancer Cell International

5) Stagnaro S. Genes and Cancer: a clinical view-point. The Oncological Terrain. BioMed Central Informatics, 2004.

6) Stagnaro S., Stagnaro-Neri M., Oncological Terrain, conditio sine qua non of Oncogenesis, GUT, 2004.

7) Stagnaro Sergio. \"Genes, Oncological Terrain, and Breast Cancer\", World Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2005,

8)Stagnaro Sergio. GPs , Biophysical Semeiotics, and bedside cancer diagnosis. 08 July 2007, International Seminar of Surgical Oncology,

9) Stagnaro Sergio. Overloking Oncological Terrain and oncological Real Risk, no paper is up-dated! 18 January 2008 Ann. Intern Med.

I appreciate your CRITICAL comment... possibly

Kind regards

Sergio Stagnaro
Sergio Stagnaro MD
Via Erasmo Piaggio 23/8,
16039 Riva Trigoso (Genoa) Europe
Founder of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics
Who\'s Who in the World (and America)
since 1996 to 2009
Ph 0039-0185-42315
Cell. 3338631439
www.semeioticabiofisica .it
dottsergio@seme ioticabiofisica .it

May I have the HONOUR to invite my Editor, dott. Ivano Camponeschi, Rome,, to send you all my book published THIS MONTH - i.e. July 2009 - on such as topic?
Stagnaro Sergio. Reale Rischio Semeiotico Biofisico. I Dispositivi Endoarteriolari di Blocco neoformati, patologici, tipo I, sottotipo a) oncologico, e b) aspecifico. Ediz. Travel Factory,, Roma, 2009.

If YES, let me know your mail adresses...

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